Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A new table for practice?

During the winter months and the heat of the summer when it's just too hot or cold to get in some practice, Mum has been working with us inside. One of the things we love to work on the most is the table.

As many of you know in USDAA it's a down on the table and in AKC it's either a down or a sit, depending on the judges choice for the run.

Mum has always taught me and Gracie to go directly down on the table. Just makes things faster and easier.

When we practice inside, we practice the table on our ottoman. Looks kind of like this one, but this one is even cooler, 'cause it could double as a toy box, don't ya think? The site that has this ottoman, also has all kinds of home furnishings including bar stools.

Mum also uses the clicker with us, clicking the minute we go down on the table. And she sends us from all angles and all distances she can muster in the living room. We just love it and get really wild and fast at it. 'Cause you all know what comes after the click, don't ya! Yep, a big 'ole treat! Yeah!

Oh and BTW - when we don't use it for a table, Mum uses it to put her feet up after training us - we wear her out!

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  1. That table looks soft bumped elbows on the down, BOL! Keep on clickin'!


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