Sunday, October 21, 2007

Working, spending, borowing from a pups perspective!

Humans talk a lot about money - spending, borrowing, working for it and then using it to buy stuff like food, shelter, toys and the like. As a pup, I've been trying to understand this.

A whole lotta humans get a Loan to buy themselves a nice place to live (and a place for us pups to live in with them, BTW). And they get loans for transports to get from one place to another. Some even borrow money for fun stuff like vacations, and in tough times, for basic necessities. Then they go out, day after day, working at their jobs to pay for those loans, leaving us behind.

I got to thinking, how do us pups fit into this equation?

As a general rule, we don't earn money. We may 'own' a few things like our toys, our bowls, our yard, our humans, our food. Well, many of us think we do anyway. And we definitely need things - food, shelter, love, play and many pups need work to do to keep sane.

If we want or need something, like a nice home, a new toy, or food we really have to rely on the humans. For the most part we can't get homeowner loans - what would we put down for collateral? It's my bet that we couldn't even get unsecured loans approved?

So what's a pup to do? Do we start becoming humanized and go out and get jobs? Do we put up our toys for collateral and get a loan for our necessities? For those of us who do have jobs, do we keep it for ourselves or do we hand it over to the humans to manage for us? Or do we start trading for the things we need? "Hey Charlie, I'll trade my sheepie tug for your bone!"

Mum admits, she's pretty grateful for the money I earn through my website and blog - it sure does help with our agility, and basic need expenses. We're happy, too, that we have some left over that we can donate to help pups in need. And Mum, Gracie and I love the fact that we all get to 'work' together, we love our work.

If all us pups did go to work, I'm sure there would still be unemployment troubles, and homelessness, just like in the human world. But maybe, just maybe, we could get a few pups off the street and into good homes if we did start working for our living?

What do you think pups? Do we start working for our living, or do we keep the 'status quo' and let the humans worry about this stuff? And all you working dogs out there, what do you think? Are you getting a fair shake? Do you like your work?

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  1. Hi Johann, Great post! I love my job as studio mascot! While I don't get money, I get lots of pets and treats and I like to make the day nicer for the humans.


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