Friday, November 16, 2007

Agility vids!

As many times as possible, Mum tries to get vids of my agility runs. She says it really helps her, to not only document my progress, but hers as well.

She makes sure to check out my behavior before the run - Am I watching her intently? Am I distracted? Do I seem a bit stressed? Or am I my manic ready to go self? And she watches how I take off at the start line and where I'm positioned - I'm I taking off too close to the jump? Am I too close to whatever is going on behind me? Or am I in just the right position? Then she makes a mental note.

She also pays lots of attention to how tight I am on my jumps, because that is something we're working hard on right now - to try and get in a few extra seconds during our run. Another thing she watches carefully is my running contacts, speed and how I'm doing on touching the yellow - Does she shorten her stride at the end of the contact? Do I slow down when I hit the yellow, or am I completely running through them? How is my speed on the contacts? If she isn't shortening her stride, how do I handle that? All these things will help us continue to improve my running contacts.

She also makes a note about the time of day, the weather or temp, and takes a good hard look at my speed depending on the conditions around me. And lately, she's been watching to see how much distance I can handle now that I am working much further away from her. When she sends me, do I run full blast on, or do I hesitate and check in.

These are just a few of the things she looks at when view our runs. Of course, when she watches these, she watches them on a little tiny computer screen, and can sometimes barely make out my cool moves. It sure would be nice to view these on a larger screen, maybe even on one of those really big theater screens. Of course we would have to have some Audio Visual Equipment Installations done. How we see our agility runs, would by all means affect how we select the equipment, whether it would be for our office, or our home.

All of these things are really hard to watch when we're out on the course. Seems like 28-50 seconds goes by like an instant. So video taping our runs has become a very important part of our agility training. It's really fun to watch them! And we get to share our vids with our friends, and you our readers!

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  1. We learned so much from watching videos of Jake's 1st agility show ... where we got faults, where we were eliminated (erk). Plus I could be sure I drew the course for our club to try another day ... We've even started taking the camera to the weekly training class. It's beyond useful!


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