Monday, November 26, 2007

Airline travel!

This holiday season, many will be taking along their canine companion, and we think that's great! A nice holiday with the entire family, we wholeheartedly support.

When Mum and I were thinking we may have to go to Los Angeles recently, we had to scramble to find information on airline pet travel, and wanted to share with you the info we found.

Travel restrictions for pets vary greatly from airline to airline. The Humane Society of the US has a great page on their website outlining nearly all US airline regulations for pet travel, with links to each airline for additional information. Just type in 'airline' in their search box and be sure and check this one out. And has a nice page with general overall tips for flying with your companion.

Companion Air promises to be the first airline solely dedicated to those traveling with their pets. With flights planned for major cities across the US, Companion air is a small shuttle charter service that promises to treat your pets just as they treat you! They aren't flying yet, but we hope they will be getting off the ground soon!

And as you travel this holiday season, you may want to consider calling cards as a means to keep in touch with those at home. They can be great savings if you don't have a cell phone or are traveling Internationally.

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