Thursday, November 08, 2007


When Cesar Millan answered our vid question on ABCNews about what kind of exercise I could do to keep me in shape for agility, he said we should go backpacking, hiking and swimming. Well, it's a little cold to be going swimming right now, but backpacking sounds like loads of fun!

Cesar also mentioned that what we do needs to be activity which build endurance. A friend of ours gave us some advice:
  • Building endurance or conditioning for exercise should be a slow, step by step process.
  • Progress in small increments and practice at each level several times before progressing any further.
  • The exercise needs to be done on a regular schedule.
  • Build time first, then speed.
  • Always work out on soft surfaces, like grass, dirt, etc.
  • Make sure your diet and food intake meets the expectations of your exercise.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Make sure you cool down after rigorous exercise
  • And be sure your are healthy enough and old enough to take on such activity.
Of course we'd need some backpacks, right? Mum found me one from RuffWear, and found these backpacks for her. Now we can exercise together and keep in shape!

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  1. Hi Johann,

    We just got the RuffWear Pallisades pack for Ayla a few weeks ago. She loves it, and since she's such a big dog she gets to wear the large version - definitely plenty of space to carry everything she needs. The pack is really well made and fits her like a glove.

    Ayla loves the Ruffwear pack and takes to it quite naturally. Visit our blog for some pictures of our "little" girl working with her new doggy backpack.

    A word of advice, don't overdo it at first, get the dog used to wearing it with crumpled up newspaper inside for bulk, then slowly adjust the weight as she gets used to it.

    It was pretty funny to see Ayla bump into things with her pack as she got used to wearing it (hence the newspaper in the bag)


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