Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bling it on!

I'm not a bling kind of guy, but there are lots of pups out there that are! So we thought we'd share this with you. So bling it on!

Blings are these tiny, little, shiny crystals that come in arranged patterns like hearts, letters and shapes, that you can peel off and stick on just about anything, or they have magnetic if permanent isn't your taste. And you can even get kits that have 500 crystals per kit. And they can 'dress up' just about anything you can think of from collars, coats, food bowls, crates, leash rack, treat jar, collar charms and much, much more. Every 100th purchase will receive 1 Hannah Montana concert ticket!

You've seen them, two-leggers are putting the glitz on their cell phone, laptops, mirrors, ipods and other personal items - to give it purrsonality (we couldn't resist). It's not my kind of thing, this bling, but we could see a few blings brightening up Gracie's new pink collar.

The site even has a bling section for pets, just for us pooches. With Bling it On! for Pets you can decorate your pets favorite things with instant sparkly glitter and turn your pup into a Hollywood Hottie!

Could be a really cool gift idea for your girlie girl!

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