Thursday, November 15, 2007

Christmas cards!

I know that many of you are thinking about your Christmas cards this year, I know we are! Are we gonna make them ourselves, or get a christmas cards photo done? What are we going to do for our personal ones and our business cards? We haven't completely decided.

This was my card last year, see I have that nice red cast on my leg!

We found out that this site is holding a $10,000 Christmas cards scholarship contest for high school and college kids and are looking for entries. Wow, what a great way to supplement those educational expenses, and get your creativity going at the same time.

What are all of you going to do for your Christmas cards this year? We would really like some cool ideas.


  1. Hi Johann, Your card was really cute last year...even the matching cast! We just did my photos for an e-xmas card. This is the first year but we thought it would save some trees, BOL!

  2. Thanks Spencer! We'll be over to check out your card if you're showing it. Or tell Santa we want one of your cards! Saving trees is good, you green pup you! Woofs, Johann


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