Friday, November 09, 2007

The dentist!

Going to the dentist is never any fun. I went a while back to get my chipped tooth checked, which is OK for now, BTW. But I don't like going. It's expensive, and takes time away from me having fun. But I know it's healthy for me and important for me to go to keep me healthy.

You may remember that Mum has health insurance on me. It's a 'catastrophic' plan and doesn't cover dental work unless it is related to an accident. Same goes for Mum, she doesn't have a dental plan. But she found out that there are all kinds of dental plans for two-leggers when she was researching the other day. There's the basic, pay a lot and get a lot plan; and their are discount dental plans.

Discount dental plans can help with significant savings on members' dental care needs, and they are quickly becoming an option above those expensive dental insurance plans. You pay a reasonable annual fee and then when you go to the dentist you get discounts on all kinds of services. There are several plans available and many dentists in the networks around where we live from what we saw. On the site there is a sample list of fees, and when you sign up they give you a complete fee schedule, so you know exactly what costs what.

Mum thinks she may check it out...And remember you four-leggers out there, the best way to keep your teeth healthy is to brush everyday!!!

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