Thursday, November 29, 2007

Five pups in Rushville survive euthanasia attempt!

Oh, this is just the saddest thing...and hit really too close to home. The city animal shelter in Rushville, Indiana euthanizes animals. If that isn't sad enough, one of the pups was found in the carcass storage freezer on Friday, having survived her euthanasia attempt. And it seems she isn't the only one. One of the shelter employees blew the whistle on Friday, now a police investigation is underway.

After some medical care, Gabby, the pup, is safe and sound, staying with a foster family until she can be adopted. Read more about Gabby and the investigation. And thank you to the shelter employee for speaking up. I'm sure she is going to need a lot of support in the weeks to come.

This hit really close to home for us. Mum and I visited this very shelter back in the early Spring of 2006. It was before we found Gracie, and Mum and I were looking or a friend for me. The shelter had listed two border collie pups on, so Mum and I went out to visit them. Turned out they were black lab pups and not right for us, so we left to search another day.

It's our bet that this happens a lot more throughout US shelters kill shelters than any of us could ever imagine. Good luck Gabby, we'll be routing for ya!

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