Monday, November 19, 2007

Friends all over the world!

I am one lucky pup - I have friends all over the World, lots of them! From the East coast of the US to the West Coast, and every state in between - to England, Poland, Slovenia, China, Japan, Russia, Germany - you name it - I have friends everywhere! And I love each and every one of them, just like they lived across the street.

Mum was thinking the other day that we should have a map. A map with those little pins in it that show where all our friends live. Yes, I know there are virtual maps, but it just doesn't have the same impact as a physical map. 'Cause each time I make a new friend, I could go to the map, pick up a pin and put it on the map, right where they live.

And it would be so cool to print out their photo and attach our friends pic to the map with the little pin. Then we could look at it every day and remember how lucky we are to have such great friends - all over the World.

We could even have our own custom street maps and mapping. Now that would be cool!

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