Friday, November 09, 2007

Gardening for the social set!

Gracie and I love to garden - we dig, Mum plants, we dig it up. It's a wonderful hobby and pass time. Here's a pic of me patrolling the front yard with Mum's pretty daisies.

Mum is always checking around the Internet to find info on gardening - what plants are good in our locale, what takes water (where we have a low spot in the yard), what plants like sun, shade...she wishes she had more time to tend to the yard and garden. But alas, she has us and our agility.

She found a site today that looks like fun! It's called The Mulch - and they say it's a new independent gardening community where everything revolves around you and your plants. Kind of like a MySpace for the gardening set.

When you join you can put together a free page. You add in the plants that you have and then you are automatically connected to everyone else in the community by those plants that you are interested in or grow. They have sections for sharing info, managing your garden, getting information and answers, researching plants, and more! Check out The Mulch - Connect to Gardeners by the plants you grow!


  1. This community sounds very interesting to me, an avid gardener. Thanks for bringing it to my attention-I'll have to check it out.

  2. Bark, Bark!

    Linda, my Mom, is helping me type this comment, Johann. She is a novice gardener, and is excited to find out about The Mulch community and will definitely be checking it out further. Thanks for telling her about it.

    I have been a good dog, and haven't dug up any flowers or plants in our garden lately. It's nice to get treats for being a good dog -- isn't it?

    Happy playing!



Thanks for barking in!

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