Saturday, November 17, 2007

Gettin' mail!

I seem to be gettin' a lot of mail lately, and I love it!!!

Some of what I get is junk mail, and I just rip it up, of course! But some of it is real, honest to goodness, good stuff - like when I got that great gift certificate from my friend at TipTail, and the books I get to review, and my wonderful Pollywog.

So I was wondering do you all get a lot of mail? And what's in your mailboxes? I was also wondering what kind of residential mailboxes you have? Do you have one of those mailboxes that have pups on them? I've seen them and they are pretty cool. Here's one that has labs on it.

I wouldn't mind having a mailbox with my picture on it, fur sure!

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  1. Hi Johann! How's stuff??
    I get lots of letters from children who are in my club. They are great, because they do smashing drawings of me playing with them to go on my gallery, and sometimes they tell me thier news or what they want for Christmas.
    It's FROGTASTIC to get PROPER post, not boring old rubbishy rubbish.
    We dont have mailboxes like you do - our postie puts our letters through the front door, and they PLOP on to the mat. It's great!
    See ya lator Gator!


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