Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Have cats? Get blinds!

Mum doesn't have much drapery around the house. Why? Because of the cats. For some reason, those of the feline species really like playing with those things. Me? I just don't get it when there's a perfectly good squeaky toy nearby.

But that's how they have their fun - and I do admire the fact that they like to have fun! Life isn't any good without it, is it?

So, how has Mum satisfied the problem of covering the windows when needed, and keeping the sun out of her eyes when she works at the computer? Blinds, of course. When she moved into the house in 2000 (four years before I was to come into the World), she had faux wood blinds installed. They are really easy to clean. And they are still looking good seven years later, except for the occasional time that Gracie sunk her teeth into them, chasing after a fly. Accidents do happen!

She does still have some drapery in the living room and in the bedroom. But Mum makes a huge point of keeping the kitties toys near the drapes to entice them in other directions, so to speak. It works! But she still says, if you've got cats, get blinds and make your life just a little easier, oh, and cheaper, too!

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