Thursday, November 29, 2007

Human relationships!

I just don't get human relationships, they seem so complicated. One day they are friends, and they may have been for years! Then one little thing happens, someone gets sensitive, one won't talk to the other, and, just like that they aren't friends anymore. They break up and the ole goodbye letter comes out.

The saddest part is that one person thought they were friends, but the other may not have every thought that and was just 'being nice.' Well, doesn't seem very nice to me, it's fake! What is up with that?

Luckily, Mum doesn't get into this kind of stuff very often, she's very matter of fact, says her mind, doesn't like gettin into the caddy stuff, she's not clicky or sensitive, doesn't 'hold on to things' and doesn't like to gossip; probably why she gets along a lot better with men 'cause most women just don't understand her.

Us dogs, we've got it right. We sniff each others butts, and find out all sorts of stuff about the other pup - what they ate, where they've been, if they're healthy and lots more. And smells never lie! Butt sniffing is kind of like a lie detector test, helping us make a much more informed decision about the other and how we'd like, or not like, to spend time.

Such behavior would not go over well in the human world, but in the canine community, it's standard operating procedure. But two-leggers, I'm tellin' ya, you would be much better off if you tried our method!

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