Monday, November 26, 2007

Johann, but you can call me JoJo (YoYo)!

Yes, I have an unusual name. I don't think Mum or any of our friends have ever heard of a dog named Johann. So how did I come to have this wonderful name bestowed upon me?

Mum loves classical music (if you hadn't guessed already). You see when she was young she played the flute, was pretty good at it too. And when she was to choose her profession in life, she chose playing the flute. We'll dream on little girl! To make any money in that line of show business, you have to either be a bad girl, a really gorgeous girl, or be incredibly lucky or know 'people'. At that time, Mum didn't have any of those things going for her - even though she is making me tell you she wasn't bad looking by any means. There you go Mum.

Since she loved classical music, she decided when she adopted Wolfie, my kittie brother, that he was going to be named Wolfie (short for Wolfgang, of Mozart fame). Well, then she adopted Wiggy, my other kittie brother. And decided to keep the trend, naming Wiggy, Wiggy (short for Ludwig, of Beethoven fame).

Then I came along as an addition to the family, and Mum had a tough time with my name. She did all kinds of searches on the Internet to find a nice male name of a composer. All she could come up with is Johann. She knew her friends would make fun of my name, and they did at first. But now no one can imagine me with any other name. I'm Johann. Well, people more and more are calling me JoJo (pronounced YoYo), which I think suits me just fine!

Dog names are important, so be sure and think them through carefully, K? And even more important are the dog breeds or mixed breeds that you choose. So please, consider both carefully and do your research - read, search on the Internet, ask friends and family, read articles - and be sure that the breed you choose fits with you and your lifestyle!

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  1. Personally, I think Johann is a great name. Wear it with pride. :-)


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