Saturday, November 10, 2007


Now that daylight savings time is over, it's always dark when we go out to 'do our business' in the morning and in the evening. So we have a routine...Mum gets on her coat, gets the flashlight, and waits for us to find any rabbit droppings that appeared during the night.

Then when we finally get 'down to business', Mum walks around looking for the steaming remains in the dark with her flashlight.

Now wouldn't it be a better idea if we had some landscape lighting out there? A little light on the 'subject' would be so much more helpful. But of course we would be sure to use those low voltage lights, because they are 90% more efficient than halogen, long-lasting (more than 50,000 hours), do not create heat, which would be much more safer for us.


  1. Haha! What is it with dogs and rabbit droppings? Molly can go out the door and run right to them - no matter how far away they are!

  2. I'm guessing that you use the rabbit droppings to supplement your diet, Johann? We don't have rabbits, thank God (I suppose they eat all the plants in the garden?) but we do have yummy possum droppings.


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