Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A little bit techie!

Yes, I'm just a little bit techie, probably enough to be dangerous, but definitely enough to get by in the World.

Mum and I love little gadgets - I like my clicker, the kitties love their lazer pointer, and Mum loves her SoniCare toothbrush. I guess these are gadgets, maybe not techie, but definitely gadgets. And Mum loves to give gadgets that fit with what her friends and family like and like to do. Here's a fun idea for the techie at heart!

It's a ultra-small, personalized hi-speed USB thumb drive. At first we thought, oh, just a another thumb drive. But personalized makes much more fun, and the best part is that you can order just one if you want, or more if you want. No minimum order, no set up fees. You pick the color, one of the standard logos or upload your own and that's it, in 1-3 business days you've got it in your hands.

You could give Personalized Flash Drives with all kinds of pup pictures on it, or you could upload a bunch of music to give to your music loving friend, you could even download a doggie ebook for your doggie friends!

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