Monday, November 19, 2007

Make your pup a bed for the Holidays!

I just love my beds. Yes, I said beds, plural. I have one in the family room, one in the office, and one in Mum's bedroom.And I often share them with, not only my sis Gracie, but my Kittie brother, Wiggy. He likes my beds too.

If you sew, here's a great idea! Why not make your pup a bed this Holiday season? Over at (just do a search on their site for dog bed) they have great instructions for how to sew your pup a bed. And you can find all kinds of patterns for dog beds by doing another search in Google.

Not only will this be a special bed because you made it yourself, but you can customize to fit your pups personality and the decor of your home. Add in their (or your) favorite color, stitch on a cutout of bone or favorite silhouette of a toy, and even sew on their name. And if you have a big dog you can fit them just right!

You could get even a great Feather Pillow Form that will help making your pet's bed a little easier. They have all shapes and sizes and you can get a Feather Pillow Insert, oh, nice and soft. Just sew away, Insert Pillow, and your done! Now that's treating your pup right!

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