Saturday, November 17, 2007

Missing agility!

We haven't been to a trial in a few weeks and I'm getting kind of restless. I'm really missing agility. And Mum has been working way to much and hasn't worked me out like she should. You all need to get on her about that, K?

Thanks goodness we'll be having a three-dayer the weekend after next. We'll be driving back and forth to Ohio on Friday and Saturday, and then to Lafayette on Sunday. The only down side is how early we have to get up. It's dark until nearly the time we get to the trial site. The only thing working for us is Mum with her big mug of coffee, with a shot of chocolate soy milk, keeping her going.

But she keeps loosing her travel mug. She takes it into the site, goes and sits to watch some of the runs or set bars, and doggone it she doesn't leave her coffee mug sitting there. Bet there are some trial folks that are stocking up on Mum's travel mugs. She's gonna get a new one before our trial in a couple of weeks, and has been looking at a stainless steel travel mug. Would be lots easier to clean. And she found this site that has all kinds of stainless steel items, like stainless steel birdfeeders and blomus stainless steel soap dispensers.

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