Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More about loving' sports!

I've talked about my love for sports before. But Mum has always had a secret love for some sports, well lets say some sports teams. She is a big fan of the Indianapolis Colts of course. She worked for a company that sponsored the Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders when they first came to Indianapolis and was in charge of the sponsorship, so she got to meet a lot of the staff and players. Then when she lived in Dallas, and worked for the Texas Special Olympics she got to meet some of the players and coaches through their involvement with the organization. It was during the years of their back-to-back Super Bowl Wins.

And she's a Yankees fan. Why? Even she's not sure, maybe it's her love for New York. Whatever it is she loves watching their games whenever she can. One of her dreams is to go to Tampa for the Yankees Spring Training Schedule. All she needs are some New York Yankees Spring Training tickets. And she'd love to see them at Yankee Stadium - the home that Ruth built - before they move into their new stadium.

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