Saturday, November 24, 2007

My favorite ball - destroyed by my sister!

See this ball? This beautiful, slobbery, smelly, two year old, best friend of mine? Well, we had to bury it yesterday. And it was a very sad day.

Gracie destroyed it.

Why is this ball so special? It's the ball that stays outside all year around. This is the ball that is always there for me. This is the ball that Mum taught me to gamble (in agility) with. This is the ball that Mum and I play fetch with. This is the ball that, when I feel down, I can go to and make it all better.

The odd thing is that you wouldn't think this is my kind of toy. I mean it's about 5" across, large for my seltie mouth - but I bite down on that thing, squish it good, make it squeak and then shake the living daylights out of it. Maybe I should have gotten some insurance on it, like others get travel insurance, or home insurance, or car insurance. Having some peace of mind behind it, may have made me feel a little better today. I have to tell ya, when Mum saw me watching Gracie destroy my beloved, she said I had the saddest face on that she's ever seen.

The even sadder thing is that Mum got this ball for me two years ago and doesn't have a clue where she got it. But being the little private investigator that she is, I think she got on the Internet last night, while I was pouting and found one for me. She promised me that she will get me another one - because she says, anything that means that much to you, you shouldn't have to be without. I agree, Mum, get me two next time, K?

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  1. Oh Johann poor you - Zoe knows just how you feel as she's watched Fritz chew many of her toys, and was very sad when her plush red rooster chicken was de-stuffed! Mum's are great though, and I expect you'll have a new ball very soon.


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