Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ringing dog!

What's up with cell phones? Mum likes hers, it's convenient, easy and is always with her. Me? It makes me a bit nervous. First it plays this weird sound, kind of like music, then it vibrates and I start barking!!

Mum likes to get new ringtones every now and then. She says it makes life more fun. She's tried a few, barking dogs, classical music (all of us at the 'May Ranch' are named after composers, you know), and other songs. She's been thinking about changing her ringtone, but hasn't found just the right thing yet.

But she found a site the other day that has free ringtones. They say Nextpimp is the only site on the internet that provides ringtones that are 100% Free. The site has over 3 million tones in it's database and over 500,000 contributing users. All the tones are contributed by their users.

So she checked it out. First she did a search for dog, of course! Up came Baha Men's "Who Let The Dog's Out", then George Clinton's "Atomic Dog"...she also found a lot of Snoop Dog stuff (not her taste), the fight song for the Georgia Bulldogs, and she even found one with barking dogs that got my and Gracie's attention!

Ever want to see 'Gracie Gone Wild?' Just play a barking dog ringtone!

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