Thursday, November 29, 2007


Here in the neighborhood where we live, there have been some scary goings on! There's a man, who says he is a delivery man, that knocks on a homeowners door during the middle of the day. Then when the homeowner answers the door, he burst in and takes the people hostage, then robs or does really bad things to the women. Very scary! And Mum is pretty happy she's got a couple of good watch dogs right now.

We came across this blog the other day that we wanted to share with you - it's all about home security. The site has great info on everything from alarms, and safety tips around the house, to preventing back injuries, and all kinds of home security subjects. We bookmarked it!

And we're not opening the door for any delivery guy, they can just leave the package on the front step, while I bark at them! Grrrrr.....

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