Saturday, November 03, 2007

Shopping for techies!

If you are like me and like technology stuff or have buds that are techies, we found a site that is posting all kinds of deals - they say they are 'targeting the best deals in tech'. So we checked it out.

Interestingly it's kind of a very basic site, but has some neat features like:

  • RSS feed of deals - for home or mobile
  • News and exclusive deals
  • Deal alerts customized to fit your wants/needs
  • Product dbase, reviews and comparion shopping
  • Email newsletter that shows the deals of the week
  • Coupon and rebate information
They say they will be updating their content all the time - weekends and holidays included.

We took a look at this baby on the site to see what deals and pricing they had. It's the Canon EOS 40D Digital SLR (oh, to dream!). Seems there is about 25 companies listed with pricing ranging from 1500+ to just under 1200. That's not a bad savings.

They have all kinds of products listed, like HDTV's, cameras, iPods, and computers, as well as all kinds of coupons, like Bloomingdales, Barnes & Noble, Amazon,, and even dell coupons. Better start putting together your wish list!

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