Monday, November 26, 2007


Mum and I have never been skiing, but we love the snow. We don't live in a place that's really conducive to skiing. But we know that there are lots of pups out there that ski and love it!

There's a great sport just for pups and their peeps called skijoring - a perfect sport for the winter time. According to sled dog central:
Although skijoring has been very popular in Scandinavia and Alaska for years, its popularity is rapidly spreading to other regions of the world. And well it should! As more races and tour companies feature skijoring, dog enthusiasts recognize it as an activity they can participate in with a couple of dogs and minimal equipment.

Skijor competitions associated with sprint races are usually 3 to 10 miles in length, but there are a couple of 50 mile and 20 mile endurance events hosted by the Alaska Skijoring and Pulk Association.

You don't have to compete to enjoy skijoring with your dog--with minimal skijor equipment, an eager dog and a pair of cross country skis, you're on your way! Just be sure dogs are welcome on the trails you use. As with all sled dog sports, with a little digging you can probably find a mentor who will help you get started in this exciting sport.
If you interested in more info, be sure and check out their website - at - for all kinds of info including training tips, athletic conditioning and equipment resources.

Now all I have to do is get Mum to check out Free vacation rental listings, for a great Telluride vacation rental. We could most certainly do up it right with a Telluride vacation rental and get our ski on!

And remember, whatever sport you participate in with your pup, be sure and have lots of fun, K? Just like these folks did!

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