Saturday, November 17, 2007

Some light on the subject, please!

When Mum built our house in 2000, the builder put in this chandelier in the entry that I think looks pretty good, but Mum thinks it's crummy. It's made out of glass and she's had it with trying to clean the darn thing. It hangs nearly 20 feet from the floor and she doesn't have a ladder that reaches that high. Once she hired a guy to come and clean it, but he got so scarred up their so high, he wouldn't finish the job. WHAT!

She tries cleaning it sometimes and gets out this really, really long stick with a cloth on the end and tries cleaning it. It start swinging, and swinging. And it freaks me out! I bark, and bark, and bark at the darn thing.

So Mum's had it, and wants to get a new light for our entry. 'Cause no matter how bright it is, it isn't bright now because of all the dirt on it, yuck! A nice new chateau chandelier, with no glass may be just the ticket. At least I wouldn't have to freak out over that and save it for something else, like the Dyson!

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