Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Street Dogs!

Traer Scott, the acclaimed author of 'Shelter Dogs,' has published a new book - a collection of mesmerizing black-and-white photographs of stray dogs she encountered in Puerto Rico and Mexico.

"Street Dogs" aims to draw attention to the needs of abandoned dogs. Most are former pets and are friendly and eager to reestablish human relations. Scott found these dogs working in tandem with rescue groups, and many have since been adopted by US families. Scott's fascination with shelter and stray dogs began when she rescued her first stray while on her honeymoon.

Learn more about Scott and her new book in an article recently published by the Christian Science Monitor.


  1. Oh! That will be on my human's xmas list for sure! She LOVED Shelter Dogs!

    Traer Scott is an AMAZING photographer!!

    thanks for the post!


  2. The book look pawsome. I'm gonna look out for it at the local bookstore

    ~ Girl girl

  3. I think that would be so depressing. There are so many street dogs in our village that never get homes, and the shelters are full too.

    There are never enough homes to go round.



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