Thursday, November 08, 2007

Touching up!

Most folks say I'm pretty good looking, as a matter of fact many say I'm quite a cutie! But I've been getting a little gray around the 'gills', so to speak.

Lot of folks get their photos fixed, you see it all the time. Remember a few years back when Jamie Lee Curtis was featured in a magazine with no retouching at all? Now you look at pics in magazines, and you have no idea how much retouching has been going on.

Mum retouches my photos a bit, fixes my red (or in my case, gold) eyes, edits out some fuzz, and lately she's been touching up a little of my gray. (Can you believe I have gray already? I'm only three-years-old! Must be my 'stressful' life).

If you're looking for some 'celebrity' touch up, there's a new site than can help you out with photo enhancement. FotoFix takes your photo and professionally enhances it to your request and specifications. The process has about a 24-hour turnaround. You post photos directly to the site or send them via email or cell. Then the photos are then altered at low or no cost to the consumer. can help you put some glamor in your photo, make you look even more handsome than you are (BOL!), or take out that old 'girlfriend' in one of your favorite photos. The neat thing is that if you have some old, old photos, that need retouching and fixing, they can do that too, to help you preserve your memories.


  1. Hi again! we sniffed back over to say that when mom saw your picture she told dad that's what she thought i (Crikit) would grown up to look like. she's now going through baby picture ugh! but I need a touch up too! i look like the 'got milk' pictures. I'm ganna have her do a touch up on me too and get a better picture of me on our site!

    tx trio wagging out & barking loud

  2. woofies Johann!!! this is lacylulu's mama, she kinda sickly today..sooo i am checking bloggys for her...lacy, has a lot of gray on her little facie too..heehee but i guess we all get grayer when we get older...

    b safe,

  3. I can't imagine such a gorgeous canine needing touch-ups, but the site really does look quite interesting.

  4. Hey Johann, I think you look very handsome. You dont need to touch up the pictures. ;)

    ~ Girl girl


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