Monday, November 26, 2007

Working from home!

Working from home is really great, but sometimes it can be a real drag. Don't get me wrong, I like the fact that Mum and I don't have to go anywhere (except when we go play), that we can save money on gas, that we don't have to get all dressed up. Well, she doesn't have to get dressed up. Me? I always look top dog!

But it can get pretty monotonous, and it can get very tiring; especially when we end up sometimes working all the time, and it seems like we are never away from work.

We love our work, but every now and then, and it's remote, Mum thinks it would be good for her to go work somewhere else - not another company, but just another location. Somewhere, of course, where they have Internet access, phones, maybe TV's to keep up on the news - like those virtual executive offices. They could come in real handy when Mum has to meet with clients from out of town, instead of meeting at Starbucks where it can get kind of noisy. And it would be a lot less expensive than having our own office all the time.

And it would give us some separation. Work here, play here! That I think Gracie and I would like the most if Mum would just turn it off sometimes.

We have other friends that work from home and we hear them say the same thing. They need separation. Guess we need to just figure out a way to make our own separation, because if we had to choose, we would definitely choose the life we have now over working outside the home fulltime.

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