Saturday, November 03, 2007


Many of you may know that Mum and I have been doing her 'own thing' for several years now - She helps me run my website, blog and Squidoo lenses. And I help her with her marketing stuff for tech companies and now pet business, through Pawsible Marketing.

Well, we love it - we love that Mum gets to be with us all the time, we love that we can have flexible hours, we love the freedom it gives us; even though running your own freelance business, or businesses, can be tough sometimes.

I have a lot of jobs around here - keeping the kitties in line, Gracie too, telling Mum what toys and product to put on my website, what to talk about on our blog, opening the mail, and lots of other jobs. Hey you pups out there, do you get to work with your two-leggers and what's your job?

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