Monday, December 10, 2007

The bed!

Now this is a bed we could all get in to!

Dog and cat lovers, you know what it's like, right? One cat near the head, one in the crook of your knees; one dog on the right, one dog up against your back. That's what my Mum is experiencing now and she just thinks it's amazing, oh and warm on these recent chilly nights.

Not too long ago, Mum got a queen size bed. But now that we have Gracie it's getting a little tight and just a bit too close for comfort for one of the kitties. He likes his space. But this bed of modern furniture design - well, we could certainly all enjoy our space.

Modern furniture isn't Mum usual choice of style. We have a very eclectic mix of styles in our house - antique, rustic, modern, earthy, Greek revival and more; but the neat thing is that it all works together - and Mum gets a lot of compliments on her decorating. What she loves about this bed is it's simplicity, it's good design; and the lines on this modern furniture designed bed are gorgeous!

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