Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas - can we do it again?

Gracie, Mum and I have had a fun couple of days. Christmas was great! Check out me and Gracie, lovin' our Christmas!

The obligatory Christmas shot, Mum wonders why we can't smile, BOL!

Gracie opening her presents...

And me opening mine!

We got some cool stuff - I got some Salmon Zukes Minis, an AKC squirrel, some Zanies toys and a new martingale leash attachment for agility. Gracie got some Organic dog treats, an AKC possum, and some other Zanie toys. And we both got some great raw Marrow Bones - with a capital MB!!!!

But the best part is that Mum had more time to play with us, since she didn't work as much. And she's on a mission to build my stamina. So, what did we do? We went for a couple of three mile walks. And instead of just walking around our neighborhood, we went exploring more neighborhoods and more neighborhoods. It was so much fun!

The homes across the main street from us are just huge homes. I think that I'd totally lose Mum in a house that big, and I know that Mum wouldn't want to clean that much - she thinks our house is too much to clean already!

But it was fun to visit and check all the pee mails. And we left quite a few messages ourselves. Seems everyone on the street has one of those electric fence things for their dogs. And a few dogs ran up and scared us, but they couldn't reach us. Very weird. Mum and I aren't a big fan of those. We like real fences.

On Christmas day a couple of big things happened. First, we three walked down to the pond and the minute we turned the corner, Mum knew trouble was ahead. There were over 200 geese in the area around the pond.

Now most of you know that I like to herd. And dog did I want to herd those guys. I lunged, I barked, I went around one way, and then another. Just trying to get to them. But Mum kept me on lead, since there is a road just a little too close for her comfort. But it did give Mum an idea - maybe I'd be a good Goose-Away pup? And I could work even harder to earn my keep!

Then later on our walk we met a little pup that seemed to be lost and running loose. On Christmas Day, no less! Mum tried to get her close to see her tag, but she didn't want any part of Mum, not even when she had treats. We hated to leave her, but then she started following us, so we kept on. When we got a house or so away, she started back. Mum thinks she lived in one of the houses there. Hope so!

Yesterday, we went through the woods that is in the center of the development, a nice little path. It was muddy for Mum, but Gracie and I loved it - so Mum played along. I like that about her. She'll get all dirty just for me!

It's supposed to be in the 40's for the next few days, so hopefully we can get in more long power walks. We're about to go on one as soon as I get off the computer. And Mum says we may be able to do agility in the backyard tomorrow. Yeah!!!

We want to thank everyone for all the really cool gifts and cards you sent me and Gracie. We love all of them, they are beautiful, and thoughtful, and everyone seemed to put so much love into them.

And we really hope you all had a great Christmas too! And have an outstandingly, pawsome New Year!


  1. Hi, Johann! Happy 2008 to you! May it bring only love, happiness and cheerful times!

  2. Hi Johann! Looks like you and Gracie had an excellent Christmas! Hope you have a wonderful New Year too!

  3. Aren't long walks just the best. My Coco and Sadie would barkedly agree. I too am hoping that the wee pup knew where his home was. And a whole flock of geese.. what fun!!

    Love your Christmas photos. :-)


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