Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Crate - a home away from home and comfy retreat!

We get asked a lot about crates - which one is the best for different situations. has put together a great series of articles on crates - from how to select one - soft side, wire, hard; to great tips on crate training. If you are looking for a great crate for your new pup, adult dog, or new rescue - these articles are worth checking out.

Choosing a Crate For Your Dog
Dog Car Crates - How To Select Dog Car Crates
Crate Training for Dogs

I love my crate - whether it's the pop up, soft side or wire - as long as I have my crate I feel like I'm at home - in the car, at a trial, anywhere! And the best part is that it keeps me safe at times when Mum can't pay full attention to me. My crates are an important part of my life - my home away from home and my comfy retreat when Mum is busy or away from home.

And if you're looking for a great crate; we offer a wonderful selection at Just click on shop, 'accessories' and 'crates and beds.' And note: On the site, we've teamed up with EBay, so be sure and check out the great deals on NoztoNoz and other crates!

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  1. Hi, Johann
    I signed up for the newsletter from to read the article about crates. Penny has one of those travel ones with slots in the sides. When we bought her it seemed huge but fortunately we were willing to listen to the saleslady who said to buy the biggest - who would have thought that a little supposed shit-tzu X maltese would turn out to have some sort of giant genes in her makeup?


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