Thursday, December 06, 2007

Getting those agility vids and dog movies organized!

Unless you've been living on Pluto or Sirius, you know that Gracie loves dog movies - any dog movie as long as it has dogs! But she does have a favorite - Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey - the newer version from 1993 with Robert Hayes as the new Dad.

She really loves it during the movie when Chance comes into the picture. Chance was the bulldog mix voiced by Michael J. Fox.

Along with accumulating these movies for Gracie, Mum is beginning to accumulate all kinds of agility vids too - from my runs, to runs she tapes from broadcasts like the AKC Invitational and Nationals.

We love to video tape our runs, and runs of others, it really helps us learn - from our mistakes, from others mistakes, and also helps us learn great moves that we never thought of, and learn from others successes!

A Personal Video Database is maybe what we need to organize all our vids. Not only is it taking up our DVR, but it can get pretty difficult to find the movie or vid we want when we want it - was that one in DVD, or VHS, or was it on the computer? Heck, who knows!

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  1. I could use one of those.. and a personal assistant to enter all the info! ;)


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