Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I am blessed!

I am so blessed! Some of my really good friends have recently bestowed some wonderful awards upon me. And I am very grateful and honored!

The great folks over at Christmas Maps - Santa’s Nice List has included me on Santa Nice List! Thanks guys, I will strive to stay on the nice list at least until December 26, BOL! And I'd like to present this award to my friend Xsara.

My good blogging two-legger buddy Tish, over at ChattieKat gave me a couple of really cool awards. The Friendly Site Award and the Christmas Spirit Award. The Christmas Spirit Award is an award that was created by Santa himself and is intended for those who talk about and show the spirit of Christmas on their blogs. We'd like to give the Friendly Site Award to our friend Girl Girl! And we'd like to give the Christmas Spirit Award to our good friend Freda!

Rosie and Abby over at The Dog Log and those wild cats over at the Catnip Corner gave us the Best Friends Award. Wow, I'm so glad we are friends, thanks you two + three! We'd like to give this award to our bestest bud, Therese, over at PetSitUSA blog.

And last, but certainly not least, those crazy animals over at Curious Animals and Animals as Friends gave me the Golden Rose Award - a rose by any other name.... Thanks guys! We'd like to give this award to one of the newest doggie bloggers in the blog-o-sphere - Tatum!

So we would like to pass these awards on to our great friends. Thanks for being our friends this year, here's to many, many more happy blogging years to come!


  1. Congrats on all of your new awards and thank you for presenting us the Santa Nice List. Unfortunately the link to the List isn't working for me :( Anyway, we really love your blog and check it out every day, so we are glad you are getting so many awards - you really deserve them!

  2. Hello, Johann! I must say, you really really and once again really deserve all these awards. Your blog is amazing, I adore reading it. Thanks for your posts and pictures and ideas and comments. Good luck and Happy Holidays!


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