Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Keeping trim!

Well the holidays are here! And I've managed to get that extra pound off I got around Thanksgiving already. Now I'm just at my perfect weight for agility!

Around the first of the year Mum changed my food, to a higher protein diet from Fromm's. I absolutely love this food. And it helped me build a lot more muscle, giving me more endurance and speed in agility. Then around Thanksgiving, Mum had a hard time keeping me out of the kitty litter - that's how I gained the lb. But since Mum put the Dyson in the doorway to the litter box, I've totally kept my distance from that horrendous thing! And I lost my lb.

If any of you have kitties, Mum uses just about the best kitty litter in the world - as a matter of fact it's called World's Best Cat Litter. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but anyone who comes into the house doesn't even have a clue that we have a litter box. And our neighbors, who cared for the kitties once while we were at an agility trial, just had to know what kind of litter it was because it clumped together so well. We highly recommend it, especially if your pup gets in the litter sometimes, because it's the safest kittie litter for us to digest if we do digest any (hopefully not!), because it's made out of corn.

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