Thursday, December 06, 2007

Loving art!

My Mum loves art, especially landscapes, especially Monet. They are calming, serene, and make us think of summer and warmer weather.

We have a reproduction of this Monet hanging in our family room. It's called "The Artist's Garden at Vetheuil' and was painted by Monet in 1881.

National Gallery of Art indicates that Monet loved gardens and planted gardens wherever he lived. He rented this house at V├ętheuil, and quickly began to landscape the terraces, which lead down to the Seine. The boy with the wagon is Monet’s young son, and on the steps behind him are other members of his household. The large flowerpots were Monet’s. He took these pots everywhere he moved to, using them in his gardens.

Those of you who love to garden will totally understand this, just as Mum does. She loves gardening. She has plants in her yard now that she has taken from Indiana to Texas and brought back to Indiana again - the lavender in our garden.

Recreations of Oil Paintings, can be a very affordable option for art for your home, and bring what our Monet reproduction brings to us - a feeling of warmth, calmness and Summer on a cold Winter's day.


  1. Someone should conduct a study about correlations between art lovers and pet owners... Seems to go together so well!

    Thank you for the info about the cool Monet oil painting, he was a great artist and I love his work as well.

  2. Hey Fosster! You are so right - must be that connection with nature.

    Woofs, Johann


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