Sunday, December 16, 2007


Tattoos are so pupular! We see several of Mum's friends with a tattoo of their pups on their ankles, paw prints too. It's not Mum's type of thing, but she and I think they are really cool!

And there are tattoos for pups - temporary and permanent.

Even AKC required that the AKC World Team dogs had to have permanent tattoos before they headed over to Norway for the World Championships.

We thought that these temporary tattoos from Petattoos were kind of cool. They probably wouldn't work on my long fur very well, but on a short haired pup they could be really fun! They have all types of phrases and it looks real easy and safe to use.

Some type of permanent identification is really important for your pup. I have a microchip, as does my sis Gracie and kittie bros, Wolfie and Wiggy. If we were ever to be lost and for some reason lost our collar with ID, at least we could be identified through our microchip. It's give Mum just a little more peace of mind.


  1. Our ChaDich had a tattoo of Shel's social security number on the inside of his thigh. Personally, I have 6 of them.

  2. Hi Johann,

    I LOVE tattoos! My Mama and Dad have a bunch and I've been trying to get them to let me have one too. Maybe they'll at least spring for the temporary ones, although I don't think it's fair that my cat brother Nick has REAL tattoos in his ears. I'm way cooler than him.

    Murphy Dogg


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