Wednesday, December 19, 2007

To sad to think about...but often in the back of my mind.

Way too many of our friends have passed to the Rainbow Bridge this year. It is so sad and heartbreaking, but comforting to know that they are in a place with no pain and no fear, and that they can run free and be with their other friends who have passed.

Mum thinks about the time when it will be my turn to visit the Rainbow Bridge. Hopefully it will be a long, long time from now, and we will get to spend many, many more years together. But we never take for granted the time we have together now.

We are lucky since Mum works from home, because we spend nearly every waking (and sleeping) moment together. I like that and hope it can always stay that way. Mum tells me every day how grateful she is to have me in her life. Gracie, Wolfie and Wiggy too. Even on days when we are not the best behaved pups or kitties.

Mum also thinks about what she would do when it is my time. She has definitely decided that she would have me cremated, Gracie and the kitties too. Why? Because then she could always have me with her, even if she moved from town to town, house to house.

We came across a site the other day that has all kinds of pet urns to hold the ashes of those who have passed. They are nice dog urns, respectful and tasteful. We especially liked the photo pet urns and the memory box urns. Mum already has started a memory box for me, where she put my baby teeth, my first collars, a flyer from my first doggie event and more.

Give your pups a really, really big hug-a-roo. You just never know when it will be time.

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  1. Hi Johann,

    When my big bro, Herkamur Dogg, passed away a few years ago, Mama and Dad had him cremated. They move him around the house so he doesn't get bored hanging out in one spot all the time. His portrait is hanging in the living room, and a photo ornament of Herk is on the Xmas tree. I like having him around too, cause I miss him sometimes.
    Murphy Dogg


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