Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Mum and I have been thinking about upgrading our software. But it is always such a scary situation. To Vista or not to Vista, that is the question. We've been asking all of our techie (or even semi techie) friends. The consensus seems to be up in the air at the moment.

Recently we gave up on our anti virus product because it just slowed our computers to a crawl. We got a great recommendation from another doggie friend of ours for a low cost program, and voila - works great and doesn't slow us down, never had a problem. We sure are grateful for their help!

So I think we're sticking with our friends recommendations for now. But you can be sure that when we do decide to take the plunge, we'll be on the Internet doing our price comparisons, fur sure. We recently heard about CostCaptain.com, a provider of software solutions for schools, libraries and other educational institutions; home schools too. For all those out there in school it would be a nice site to look into. Hmmmm....wonder with all my training at home if I would qualify for the home schooling discount?


  1. urrgh... Google Strikes again... I can't leave my url in the comments.. harrumph...

    anyway... virus software is notorious for slowing things down.. Norton is the WORST! I use umm... I forget... I'm at work right now.. I think it's EZ something.. cheap and effective.

    Speaking of upgrading... if you ever want to dump blogger/google and go to wordpress, let me know.. I'll help ya out.

  2. Or you could do what some of us DWBers do and go for Apple.

    It's different if nothing else. And it is not slow.


  3. If it were me...pay attention to those great ad...

    GET A MAC!!! I LOVE my Apple laptop!! My human mom has been a Mac user for years!!! She thinks it's the way to go!! It's worth the extra cash!!!



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