Sunday, December 16, 2007

You could be a Dogi!

Mum loves yoga, she used to do it all the time. Now that she has me and Gracie we give her a pretty good work out and she doesn't have as much time. But now that it's Winter and we don't have as much agility, she's going to get back into it more. She has a few vids and she's taken some yoga classes - they are great ways to learn yoga.

Hey pups, you may know but there is yoga for us dogs too - it's called Doga! Our Humane Society had a class on Doga not too long ago. Dogs who do Doga are called Dogis! What are the benefits of Yoga and Doga? Relaxation, increased strength and flexibility. And it can be a great bonding time with you and your pup.

Wanna be a Dogi? Check out this video and if you get the chance do a quick Google search for Doggie Yoga or Doga, and you find a lot of info.

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