Friday, January 11, 2008

Decoding the mutt!

Our good friend Penny found this book recently and we wanted to share it too!

It's a fairly new book called The Mutt Book. Here's the synopsis:
Curious about the family tree behind your adorable mutt? You'll never know for sure, but you can at least make an educated guess about some of the breeds that went into his make-up. The Mutt Book will help you understand how you can look at your own dog and figure out what may be in the branches of his unique pedigree. Inside The Mutt Book you'll find:
  • A worldwide ancestry explaining which types of dogs come from which regions.
  • Descriptions of the most common kinds of heads, ears, tails, paws, legs, bodies, coats, colors, and patterns you're likely to find on dogs.
  • Which breeds display each physical trait.
  • Sixty mutts whose characteristics have been analyzed to give you the most likely breeds in their make-up.
  • Four designer dogs whose ancestors and pedigrees are known. Are they mutts, or are they new breeds?
  • A comprehensive list of resources for breed information, adopting a dog, training, and more.
May be worth checking out. I know from Mum's experience with me and Gracie that knowing more about the breed for which your pup is made can really help with training and having more fun with your pup!


  1. i should buy this book for my ms owner...coz she never seem to know where i came from..

  2. We picked up Linus from the shelter and he is supposedly an Australian Shepherd mix. We saw his sister who had the tri-color markings and looked a lot like a shepherd. Linus looks like a small black lab. He does have a curly tail like a chow or husky and half of his tongue is purple (I think a chow trait).

    I'm sure this book would help me decipher Linus's lineage.


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