Thursday, January 10, 2008

DVR Alert! This weekend has gone to the dogs!

There are quite a few great dog related programs on TV this weekend. You may want to set your DVR's.

Since there is so much to keep track of, we've added the TV programs to my Google Calendar, so be sure and check it out on the right sidebar of my blog!
  • Friday night is another episode of DogTown
  • The Wolf Within and Avalanche Dogs is on Animal Planet on Saturday
  • National Geographic will replay the episode of Be The Creature featuring the African Wild Dog
  • And your local PBS station will be re-broadcasting Dogs That Changed the World, an amazing documentary telling the epic story of the wolf's evolution, how "man's best friend" changed human society and how we in turn have radically transformed dogs.
You can also visit my calendar here, and add my items to your own Google Calendar!

1 comment:

  1. we already have the dvr set to record dog town. We liked it last week.


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