Saturday, January 05, 2008

DVR Replay Alert! For those that missed the programs!

We got a lot of email last night - seems pups were either out on the town, or had really bad storms and missed the programs - DogTown and Be The Creature (featuring the Wild Dogs of Africa). So we thought we'd help everyone and list when the programs will be replayed.

We watched them both and thought they well worth our time!

Wild Dogs of Africa on Be The Creature
National Geographic Channel
Replays: Sunday, January 13 at 9AM EST

DogTown - first espisode featuring puppy mill dogs
National Geographic Channel
Replays: Saturday, January 5 12AM EST
Sunday, January 6,11AM EST

Here are the other upcoming episodes and their times:

DOGTOWN: Second Chances
Friday, January 11, at 9 PM ET/PT

An older chow named Bruno heads to Dogtown for much-needed medical attention. His extensive ailments include a sunken eye and balance problems — symptoms indicative of a possible brain tumor.

DOGTOWN: The Outsiders
Friday, January 18, at 9 PM ET/PT

A 1-year-old bulldog named Wiggles arrives at Dogtown from a California shelter with unusual symptoms: he falls frequently and can’t control his bowels. Head veterinarian Mike Dix must determine if Wiggles’ condition is life threatening, or if he’s stable enough to live in a home.


  1. That Dogtown show makes me sad but at least they help the dogs.

  2. Hi Johann,

    Thanks for these... you might want to listen to a BBC radio programme about New Guinea Singing Dogs (link from our blog but hurry as the BBC "listen again" facility only lasts a week...
    Gus n Jake


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