Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm back from the doc!

I'm back from seeing the doc. Seems I really just have a badly pulled muscle in the middle of my back and it's taking a little longer to heal than everyone expected initially. I was a bit perkier at the doc's office which was a great sign. I was even offering up all kinds of behaviors to Aunt Bonnie (my vet), for treats. Mum was really happy to see that!

I got a nice Chiro adjustment. Then Mum and Aunt Bonnie talked a lot about how to best help me recouperate. Traumeel, three times a day for several more days; lots of fluids this evening to flush out the toxins from the adjustment; warm/cold/warm compresses on my back; and new stretching exercises.

One of the exercises is really interesting - called the cat stretch. Mum has me stand, then lifts me from my chest, making my spine curve inward some. They did it today and it felt so good I licked Aunt Bonnie face! So I'll get that three or so times a day, along with my other stretching exercises.

Mum always stretches me with cookie stretches, and leg and neck stretches before and after my runs, and she gives me a little rubdown; down my back. But she's always had trouble getting me to stretch my back legs, because I just don't like it. But Aunt Bonnie showed her a new way with me standing and Mum lifting my pelvis a bit, while pushing my legs back and straight. It's gonna work so much better.

Mum needed to practice this new leg stretch routine, so she got to work with Aunt Bonnie's Border Collie pup, Skye! Now she understands why Aunt Bonnie 'gets' me. Skye and I are a lot alike (even though I'm a sheltie)!

They also talked about my endurance program. Before I got hurt we had been doing long distance walks, along with agility. When I'm ready we're gonna try and find a place that is more hilly to add in some resistance. And Mum is still trying to find someone to trade her recumbent bike/elliptical for a treadmill. I'd love to do the hydro-treadmill, but right now it's cost prohibitive.

So they say I'm gonna be fine. And, I will most probably be back to my crazy self by the end of the weekend.

Oh, and Mum is much, much better today! She got a lot of work done, fever is gone, she's not coughing nearly as much, and she's not moaning anymore (BOL!). So we are all on the mend.

Thanks everyone for all your notes, care and concern. Can't tell you how much it means to me. We are still catching up, but hope to get back with all of you real soon!

Oh and if you want to know more about Traumeel, I posted about it on my Raise A Green Dog Blog today. Check it out!


  1. Glad to hear the vets found out what's wrong Johann. Hopefully with a bit of R & R you'll be back to your usual self.

    Toodle pip,
    Harry x

  2. We're glad you're feeling better and doing your stretching exercises, Johann! You'll be back in tip-top shape in no time at all!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Oh we are glad your not seriously injured and should be fine. Thank goodness

  4. Glad you're feeling better. I'd love to see some pics of those stretches if you have time one day.

  5. woofies Johann, me glad u mama iz feelin and lit better...and glad u iz on the mend now...take it ez sooo u can get fully recovereded.

    b safe,

  6. Sorry to hear you have both been crook.

    Paws crossed you are both 100% (or at least 99%) soon.



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