Sunday, January 06, 2008

Mission: Find Beau!

Supreme Commander Stormy has called all Dogs with Blogs to action. Our mission? To bring Beau back home.

Only July 1, 2003 Beau was stolen from his home in Guanaba, Queensland Australia. His family has been searching for him for years. It is now time to get Beau back to his family.

My orders from Supreme Commander Stormy:
"Your orders for this mission are to do whatever it takes to locate Beau, and return him to his family!"
My first assignment is to post and get the word out about Beau. Here is his picture. If you have any information about Beau, please come forward and contact his family or visit this page for more information! This is Beau's picture and video, spread it around, send it to those you know. Beau could be anywhere - we need to leave no stone unturned.

My second assignment is recruitment. It is my request that anyone reading this blog, please help spread the word about Beau, by getting your own mission kit and joining in the effort. Post on your blog, print up flyers and spread them throughout your town, email on forums and message boards, do what you can for Beau.

Operation Bring Beau Home


  1. i hope ur mission will be accomplish...

    i know how much beau's family miss him..

    i wish 2 be part of d team too

  2. Great job you're doing Johann. I hope Beau will be home with his family soon

    ~ Girl girl

  3. Dear Johann
    Thank you for your beautiful post about Beau. It made my mum cry again. Mum has been crying many tears since Supreme Commander Stormy has issued his orders for Operation Bring Beau Home in 2008.
    We are overwhelmed with your kindness, and the rest of the DWB community.
    With so much loving energy, this mission has to succeed.
    THANK YOU !!!
    Love from Hammer and his mum

  4. My sister used to breed and show English Setters. They are beautiful dogs and my heart breaks for Beau and his owners.

  5. I found your wonderful site via Best Animal Blogger awards, and a certain little girl pup of mine tells me what a big crush she has on you - so handsome, and so good at agility - what more could a girl want!


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