Thursday, January 24, 2008

Musical freestyle!

I just think it's amazing the routines that teams come up with for Musical Freestyle now. Here's one we found that we thought is just pawesome!

Musical Freestyle is a wonderful sport - and a great way to have fun with your pup. has lots of links and additional information on Musical Freestyle - how to get involved, how to compete, how to train and lots more. And here's a great link on the history of the sport.

I think Gracie, my sis, would be an amazing freestyle dancer. But I'm not too sure about my Mum. Mum's creativity would come in very handy in making up routines, but she just may give Gracie a migraine with all the moves and music. Gracie's not too fond of some types of music, but she loves to move and is getting pretty good at leg weaves!


  1. Dr. Lesser just wrote her thesis on musical freestyle and why all dogs should dance.

    The neurological benefit is astounding. Music and movement together are phenomenal for development

  2. That video was awesome!!! and we thought Amy was pretty smart :) Now we know what we have to get her to do. Hope things are going well for you guys.


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