Saturday, February 16, 2008

Are you being green?

A lot of my pup friends decided at dawn of the New Year to make their life a little greener. We work to be as green as we can - maintaining an organic lawn, changing the light bulbs to ones that take less energy, unplugging the appliances when not in use, eating healthy, reusing bags, washing in cold, doing the dishes only when we have a full load and using more green products; stuff like that.

We were wondering how everypup was coming along with their New Year's resolutions to go green. What little and big things have you been doing to reduce your carbon pawprint? Let us know and we can share some tips with each other!

And if you need any ideas, be sure and check out my Raise A Green Dog blog!


  1. i usually will recycle the plastic bag my family obtained from the market as poop bag...

    we don't buy any new plastic bag for the purpose...

  2. I recycle cardboard, plastics (including the plastic grocery bags), aluminum, and glass. And I just recently switched to the eco-bulbs. Keep in mind that the eco-bulbs contain mercury in a gaseous form, so if you break one, you need to ventilate the room for about 15 minutes.


Thanks for barking in!

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