Thursday, February 07, 2008

Dog movies!

Winter is a great time for me and Gracie to catch up on some great dog movies. We love them! Some of our favs?

Good Boy!
Eight Below
Homeward Bound
My Dog Skip
Because of Winn-Dixie
Air Bud

Oh, my, just too many to list! If you'd like to check out all types of fun and education dog videos, check out my Squidoo lens - it's all dog movies, all the time!

Here's a great clip of the movie Fluke, set to To Be By Your Side, by Nick Cave from the movie Winged Migration.

And for a wonderful clip showcasing 112 Years of Dogs in Movies from ReelDogs, check this out!

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  1. Hey Johann, Cool list of dog movies. WE don't watch many of them over here, because they always make my mom cry. She even cried at Air Bud. She's such a suck.



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