Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Learning the treadmill!

Mum did it. She got me a treadmill. Yes, you heard it right!

Since I need to do more endurance training in the winter than the yucky weather will allow. And since I need to walk more for my recovery from my iliopsoas muscle pull - Mum went out and got me a treadmill.

She says that she's gonna use it too, and Gracie, as well. But for now, it's mine, all mine!

The day we got it, Mum tried me out on it. First she had me get on it while it wasn't running, clicked and treated! Once I love that, she had me sit a few feet away from it and started it up. Clicked and treated. I was a little apprehensive about the noise - because I absolutely hate machines. But Mum felt pretty confident that I would get it, since I was great on the hydrotherapy machine (which is basically a treadmill underwater), and it was really noisy!

Once I felt OK with the noise and was getting used to it. It was time to try it out. Mum put me on it, then started it up - well, that was not a fun thing! I panicked a little, but I trust Mum. Once she turned it off, I jumped right back on.

Mum thought I'd cope better if she turned it on and then put me on - she knows what I like and don't like. That worked pretty well! She lured me with treats, and before you know it, I was liking it!

For the past two or so days I've been doing about 10 minutes intervals, several times a day, up to (so far) about 2.5 MPH; with slower warm ups and cool downs. We're gradually increasing the time and speed as we go and I get used to it more.

Gracie tried it out a little, and I have to say she was much more scared of it than I am. So Mum is working with her much more gradually to get used to it. Every dog is different and Mum knows what we can and can't do. Gracie is watching me do it, and she gets her dinner on the treadmill now. Every day, a couple of times a day, Mum and Gracie give it a go. Even though it's taking longer for Gracie, she's coming around and I'd say in a week or so, she'll be a pro, just like me. She is getting lots of clicks, praise, fun times and treats!

Here's a vid of my first time on the treadmill - this was the day we got it. Within about 10 minutes of seeing the thing for the first time, I was walking on it just like at the end of the clip.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. How neat! Johann you are doing great! You are such a handsome sheltie boy, too. I wish I could meet you someday!

    I have read somewhere that having a dog run towards a wall can shorten their stride, but I have no experience with treadmills so just a thought.

  2. Wow, Johann, you're quite the athlete. My Mama has one of those treadmill things in the basement, but she uses it as a waste of space.
    Murphy Dogg

  3. Thanks guys/gals! Yep, Mum noticed it probably wasn't good and helpful to have me running 'into the wall' so she already moved it - good catch and thanks for the tip!

    Woofs, Johann

  4. Johann, thanks for the video clip. It was interesting to see the whole process from being scared of the new 'thing' in the room to being confident enough to use it successfully.


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